• Strategic Planning

    Working hand-in-hand with your organization’s leadership team, we’ll uncover hidden opportunities and map out an outreach strategy. We’ll assess past campaigns and the current state of your organization to formulate a plan of action. Our unbiased perspective allows us to be strategic and think outside the box while meeting your organizational objectives.

    What we do:

    Visioning Issues

    Mapping Research and Analysis

    Focus Groups and Moderation

    • Plan Creation and Ideation
    • Technology for Good
  • Storytelling

    Everyone has a story. But a powerful story is emotional. And that emotion is the catalyst that drives action. We help you humanize your cause and make it relatable, captivating audiences. Whether your story is a tear jerker or warms your heart, we’ll find the right outlet for it—be it in written, spoken or visual form.

    What we do:

    Thought Leadership


    Content Creation

    Social Media

  • Campaign Creation

    Whether you are looking to start a movement, drive people to an event or raise funds, we can help create the campaign that ignites actionable results. We leverage our creative eye to beautifully package your story in a way that meets your goals while staying relevant and timely.

    What we do:

    Campaign Design and Development



    Monitoring and Reporting

  • Brand Design and Development

    You need a brand that works for you so you can focus on making a difference. But without the right message, you’re losing opportunities to share your story and garner support. We can help you cut through the crowd and connect with your audience.

    What we do:

    Research + Listening



    Identity Design

    Website Design and Development

"A fresh new logo and look, succinct messaging and content that communicates our focus —these are the results of our collaboration with Sol. Today, we work together to elevate our message and bring awareness to the causes and organizations we serve and care about."

Leticia Peguero, Executive Director, Andrus Family Fund


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